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TEKNO101 - About Us


TEKNO101 makes college easier, better and less expensive. Our website and community provide a single place where students and their families can find all of the goods, services and information they need to get the most out of their college years. However, any shopper can purchase products on TEKNO101.

At TEKNO101:

You can buy it here - You can purchase IT and electronics, small appliances, linens, furniture, lighting and a wide variety of other products at competitive prices. Click here to see our products at the TEKNO101 Shop.

When you shop online with TEKNO101, you’ll be using a website powered by today’s latest online technologies that are user-friendly and ensure a great shopping experience. We’ve populated our website with the latest products, and we add new products daily at competitive prices. If you don’t see a product you need on our website, just let us know by contacting our Customer Care Group.

We can get it there - We offer services to help you get your items to and from your college residence. Whether it's sitting in your basement or you order from a store, we can help you get it there. Click here to see our Ship-In and Ship-Out services.

We can store it for you - Why drag your stuff all the way back home, then drag it all the way back to school? If you want to store stuff during summer breaks or for extended periods, we can help. We'll come to your school residence, pick up your stuff, store it and bring it back to you when you return. No hassles for you! Click here to see our Storage Services.

You can sell it yourself – Ready to graduate, and all done with that couch? Did you finally get a better TV, and now want to get rid of the one that you’ve been using? We'll help you sell it. Click here for TEKNO101 Classifieds.

Or, you can just come by to hang out, chat, blog, study, post and view pictures and videos, and have connect with your college buddies – near and far. Not only are we a one-stop-shopping portal for goods and services, we are also TEKNO101 Community, a social networking service dedicated on the college community. TEKNO101 Community provides full-featured social networking with real-time (means really fast) communications over the computer or cell phone. And guess what – no parents allowed!

TEKNO101’s main focus is the satisfaction of our customers and users. We provide friendly and helpful personnel to assist you with the products and services we offer. Each and every customer is treated with respect, and all transactions are treated with importance. We also listen to our users. We built this resource for college students and their families, and encourage you to contact us with suggestions and comments. Earning your trust and satisfaction is something we take seriously at TEKNO101, and we ‘ll do it by continually serving you with integrity and keeping our commitments.

If we do not meet your expectations, don't hesitate to email us at TEKKNO101 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Our aim is to ensure your 100% satisfaction! We also welcome feedback when we are meeting your needs.


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